I was born in december 1969. I spent my childhood in a small french city in south of Alsace, close to german and swiss border.

I am a pure product of french education system and got my two last diploma from University of Versailles & Ecole Polytechnique (Master) and University of Strasbourg (PhD).

I grewed up in a street named in honor of Augustin-Jean Fresnel (1788-1827), a famous french mathematician and physicist.

I am Mathematician and Physicist too, with skills essentially inTheoretical & Computational Physics : I try to modelize and to simulate complex physical phenomena on powerful parralel computers and supercomputers. To achieve those goals, I often need to develop and to use sophisticated mathematical theories and advanced computational methods.

World’s fastest supercomputer Fugaku, with 415,5 Petaflops (415,5 x 1015 operations per second), built in Japan by Riken University & Fujistsu.

I am interested as well by fundamental physics such as quantum mechanics, hydrodynamic turbulence, …, and in pure and applied mathematics with special focus on pseudo-nterval arithmetics, idempotent mathematics, non-linear wavelets for multi-fractal analysis

The Schrödinger Equation which is the basis of non-relativistic Quantum Physics.

I am also often involved in Scientific Consulting activities for the departments of Research & Development of hgh-tech companies, especially for energy, automotive and aeronautic industries for example.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Visualization of turbulent flows with finite elements methods.

I play chess since I am 7 years old, and it has pushed me during and after my university studies to understand and to improve the algorithms of the so-called Artificial Intelligence. I am involved in some advanced research in that field, in order to solve some sophisticated problems of Operations Research and Optimization in Sciences & Engineering.

I am interested in many topics : foreign languages, history, (geo-)politics, litterature, theater, cinema, chess, travelling

“Science sans conscience, n’est que ruine de l’âme”, Rabelais (1483-1553).